Genre Workshop
Datum 19. 6. 2018
Uhrzeit 16:00
Dauer 1.5
Ort A120
Organisation Yannick Höhn
AWESOME!!!!!! POWER!!!!!! DANCE!1!!!11!!elf! ELF! !!!

Train your chakres by communicating the way our universe wants you to.
Move your body to the beat of our worlds spirit.

Discover your soul’s zodiac sign while loosing your worries in the rythm of your destiny.

The experienced trainer knows how to unlock your true potential. Follow his lead and find your inner LaZer Komodo Dragon.
After being trained for several years by professional Eurythmic-Artist-Raptors on Alderan, YayYay started to realize his true profession: Teach and guide young people on the road to find themselves.

Dream your live, live your dream. The sun is cold. Heat the world with the fire of your soul.

After flowing the last several years between space and time (also being identified as The Doctor) He’s back again at the Uni Koblenz to teach Powereurythmics.

Course only in German.

This text is subject to the German copyright and it is not permitted to be changed in any way without a letter of consent by the author

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